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This product lifts the old grease and grime, showing the first sign that it is working. It works to break apart the build-up of grease and organic waste on the floor and grout. A significant improvement on the floor’s appearance will be apparent after the first wash, mop or scrub. It eliminates biofilm (the feeding and breeding sources for pests) and will out-compete potentially harmful bacteria for the same food source.


Kallas Chemicals the present invention relates to aqueous-based personal wash compositions comprising hydrophobic, low viscosity (less than 1000 cp) emollient agents which have been specifically pre-thickened with the defined polymer composition. Use of the specific thickeners allows incorporation of the low viscosity oil (viscosity less than 1000 cp) in the personal wash compositions to deliver enhanced skin benefits and desired user properties without compromising in foaming.


Bathroom Cleaner Concentrated For Effective Cleaning and Disinfection Of All Tiles and Commodes. It can be used through scrubbing.., removes stains & dirt, effective cleaning gives Pleasant Fragrance.
Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner. Kills 99.985% of germs. Effective on tiles, floor, basin and most bathroom surfaces.


The Concentration for both manual & Auto Operation. Effective Rinse Developed for Wide Range of Ware Washing Applications. It Provides Excellent Shiny Dishes, Glasses And Utensils Along With Spot And Film Protection.
Effective and powerful dish wash formula that cuts tough grease residue Gel that is harsh on stains, but gentle and safe on your hands


It is water based Freshener and Deodorizer with a pleasant Fresh Fragrance. It is used for Air Conditioning and Neutralizing of odors in All Rooms.
A happy home is a healthy home, and it all begins with the air you and your loved ones breathe. Imagine fresh morning air in the hills or the cool sea breeze. Kallas Air freshener gives high fragrance.


Concentrated Glass Cleaning liquids are recommended for Daily Periodic Cleaning Applications of Glass Surface. It Cleans to Sparkle, Leaves Glass Streak Free In One Action.
Kallas Glass Cleaner contains the power of shine boosters; It removes dirt and dust and also gives “20 times more shine” than regular cleaners.


The Kallas Chemicals compositions are the inventions useful in the cleaning and/or disinfecting of surfaces, especially hard surfaces, having deposited soil thereon. In such a process, cleaning and disinfecting of such surfaces comprises the step of applying a stain releasing and disinfecting effective amount of a composition as taught herein to such a stained surface. the addition of a suitable amount of a gelling agent may be desired not only for aesthetic reasons but also to limit the spreading of the composition as it is applied to a surface.


Kallas Chemicals Lime De-Scaler can be used in a variety of surfaces across the bathroom, kitchen. It comprises formulating the C1-C6 straight or branched alkylsulfonic and sulfamic acid mixtures thereof as the found such limescale removing compositions. pH of the compositions level preferably matched. It is stable to further bleach/oxidant. Thus, the mixture of the composition offsets the scales on the metal surfaces to bring it to the next level.


This product eliminates pathogens. Odorite Ultra Urinal Sanitiser is a proprietary blend formulation of surfactant-based cleaners with a consortium of highly active bacterial spores and enzymes that will effectively degrade residual organics on the urinal wall, inside the toilet bowl and other hard surfaces. Organic deposits in nooks and crevices are often the result of common stains that will easily be eliminated. These deposits lead to stains and malodours. The effective degradation of organics results in odor control and stain removal while breaking down crystals in the drain line and clearing it from blockages.


Kallas Chemicals Pure liquids generally cannot foam unless a surfactant is present in the liquid. The surfactant functions by lowering the surface tension of the liquid such that a gas bubble introduced below the surface of the liquid can be maintained in the liquid. The surfactants can also stabilize the foam after it is formed. Such surfactants include, e.g., ionic, nonionic and polymeric surfactants. The foam is persistent and preferably includes a cellular structure in which the gas voids are in the form of closed cells, in mixtures and combinations thereof to achieve the desired foam density.


It can be used in a variety of surfaces across the kitchen. It comprises formulating the C1-C6 straight or branched alkylsulfonic and sulfamic acids mixtures thereof as the found such grease removing compositions. pH of the compositions level preferably matched. It is stable to further bleach/oxidant. Thus, the mixture of the composition offsets the grease on the kitchen surfaces to bring to the next level.


Kallas Chemicals, describes a broad range of natural hydrocarbon-based substances and refined petroleum products, each having a different chemical composition. As a result, each type of crude oil and the refined product has distinct physical properties. thereof lubricating oil composition favorably employable for lubricating internal combustion engines such as diesel engines, gasoline engines, and gas engines. It does distinct characteristics to facilitate to clean all possible surfaces and metals, non-metals.


These Kallas Chemicals Multi-Purpose Cleaner consortiums demonstrate superior performance for use in multiple applications. The products exhibit a broad range of degradation capabilities needed for a multi-purpose product efficacious in the maintenance of drain line and grease traps, improving septic and waste degradation and cleaning and odor control. A surface should be free of heavy soil for effective disinfection. It contains surfactants and builders to remove soil in addition to antimicrobial agents to kill germs.


Kallas Chemicals surface protective composition especially for use of a film fluorine-containing polymer.This invention relates to a liquid surface protectant composition used to impart various surfaces for finishing various materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood. Such silicone materials also function as lubricants for easy application of the polish as well as its buffing, it spread easily and provide a uniform, which it act as release agents for dried abrasive or deposits on surfaces while having a relatively low level of hydrocarbon-type solvent thus all provide a uniform high gloss and water repellency.