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The Professional Cleaning Chemicals Manufacturing of Industrial, Commercial & Domestic

Kallas is a brand under Kallas Extractive Solutions India Private Limited. India’s first leading chemicals manufacturing industry for domestic, industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Laundry cleaning products. We identified those upcoming days the usage of cleaning chemicals will be heavy due to the pollution and lack of cleanness. Our team was in advance invocation that helps you to be safe from all kind of scales, dirt, mud, and dust. Our cleaning chemical products are more hygienic and premium quality products, that can keep you safe. So, we started this KALLAS as a brand that manufactures all type of cleaning products that are premium products with better quality.

In this cleaning chemical manufacturing segment, we are having more than 13 years of experience. Our manufacturing products are 100% quality and eco-friendly. Our mission is to provide Best quality products for all segments that will keep Premises neat and clean for BETTER future among the others, to be FASTER lifestyle & SAFE from pollution other bacterial and infection among other and surroundings.

Our Sectors

We are happy to announce to you that we are providing services to a different kind of sectors from government to non-government, NGO’S, corporate company’s & central government also we supplied all Our KALLAS products to these sectors up to know we tied up with 156 MNC company’s, 106 government offices, 2 central railway zones, 124 police stations, 62 courts, 30 bus depots and 41 library’s 1300+ hospitals, 500+ schools & colleges, 1780+ hotels, 1573+ restaurants, 654+ function halls, 482+ large and small scale industries, 252+ theatres, 325+ commercial complexes, 65+ shopping malls, 5000+ other sectors. This is a company with a company track record. But we think our company distributors are supplying material to a lot more company’s


We are happy to announce supplying cleaning chemicals to worlds seconds largest railway sector. Kallas is providing complete cleaning chemicals to rail sector for cleaning the rail interior and exterior part…


For making things easy we are taking different kind of steps to reach the goal, for that Fast and Quality Materials will be required for that we are providing Quality and Premium Chemicals …


Travelling in lugers chemicals and Flights we are proud to say that we are tied up with AEROSPACE, we are supplying our Complete Special Cleaning Chemicals Products to Visakhapatnam…


Maintaining a large ship is not a small thing, it takes a lot of time to clean the entire. If MARIAN & SHIPPING Industry were using a low quantity of cleaning products it takes days to clean…


India is Tourism Place, there is a lot of Ancient Constructions in India. A lot of People will be visiting India to know about Indian Culture & Indian Food. So we decide to provide a premium…


Getting a better look is rather than worst Everyday lot of people will be visiting GOVERNMENT & CORPORATE Office to give better feel and to getter high and look use KALLAS PRODUCTS …


Generating a good business need huge support for more important in COMMERCIAL Segment to make attractive for clients, we are manufacturing a special high premium quality…


Every Machine required a better service we are completely manufacturing a premium quality of products to save time and give the better result we are inventing a new product to INDUSTRIAL…


In Our KALLAS point of view, everyone should update with the latest technology and latest product, now in this Domestic, We are completely launching all types of Premium quality cleaning products…

Why Choose KALLAS ?

We are having in-home R&D Department which will always give us a Hygienic solution to meet our Company Standards and innovating a new product like Multipurpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Hand Wash, Dish Wash, Scale Removers & Detergent liquid to make our customers happy and cost-effective.

We believe that time is the most precious resource in this world so our products that take less time while company to any other because it is having 99.985% of Germs removing capability. KALLAS was willing to give a better Quality that can help to reduce the time-consuming power. We are using the latest technology and latest formula that can help us to use our chemical products for all kind of surfaces. Our Advanced Inventory Management told to ensure that quickest turnaround time from reception of the request to delivery of product/service. Kallas already earned reputation for quality Industrial cleaning products with the experience of working with requited brands in the hospitality, Manufacturing and Healthcare Section, we are now gaining a foothold in the Domestic Cleaning market as well, with our product ranges which include dish wash liquid, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, floor, and bathroom cleaner. Kallas is making rapid progress in becoming an established name in the industries and household.

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Our Services

We are Manufacturing Cleaning Chemicals For Commercials, Industrials, Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions, Theaters, Shopping malls, Offices, NGOs, all other segments giving High-Quality Standard and Services.


KALLAS also Support Third Party Brand Manufacturing with their formulation or without, we are taking all your stress and burdens and we are giving you output as per the requirements.

Cutomer Support

We will be providing you 24*7 Email support regarding your Product inquiry or any Product related Doubts (OR) our Services


100% Hygenic premium products we are manufacturing for all our Commerical & Domestic segments to full fill the need.

Safety & Security

we will be providing you 100% Safety and Security with our products, That has been improving Formula gives you healthy environment.


We have full Distribution network in all over india. our Distributors are Providing Sales, Marketing and Client Support.

Customer Engagment

We are providing support for using our product information to our clients and customers. through our large scale of distributon network


We provide you High Premium Delivery Services in 365 days all over India with our Estimated time and Date.

Providing the Best premium quality products with high end services like never before

Kallas will provided you all type of premium services that can keep you Better, Safer & Faster Resolutions 24*7.
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Our Product Usage

Kallas cleaning chemical solutions is a leading manufacturer of professional industrial & Household cleaning chemical products. With business in over 2589 + cities, our high-quality liquids cleaning chemicals are solving problems for more than thousands of companies every day, and our reputation for innovations completely hygienic solutions with more power that can clean any type of surface.


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